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Italy at your Christmas

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What is the authentic taste of Italy? Is it the savoriness of a salami? The mellowness of pecorino cheese? The completeness of a plate of pasta with sausage sauce? A simple slice of bread and extra virgin olive oil? Or the sweetness of dark chocolate or jam? An entire Christmas hamper to discover it: gift it or open it together with those you love, taste it and decide which is for you the taste that represents Italy.

Hamper contents

  • Coppa Piacentina PDO (900g)
  • Pecorino Cheese with Pistachio (600g
  • Paccheri PGI Pasta di Gragnano (500g)
  • Golden Onion Medicina IGP and Sausage Sauce (200g)
  • Red Plum Extra Jam (250g)
  • Almond Cantuccini Tuscan Cookies (250g)
  • Dark Chocolate and Coffee Bar(100g)
  • Extra Virgin Olive Oil "Cru Muela" (750ml)

What's in the Hamper

  • Coppa Piacentina PDO (900g)
  • Producer: Salumi Grossetti.
    Coppa Piacentina is a PDO cured meat typical of Piacenza in the Emilia Romagna region.
  • Pecorino Cheese with Pistachio (600g)
  • Producer: Caseificio Maremma.
    The pecorino cheese with pistachio is now considered a classic among the flavoured cheeses. The white crust dotted with pistachios encloses a perfectly balanced structure with an intense aroma of pistachio.
  • Paccheri PGI Pasta di Gragnano (500g)
  • Producer: Il Re delle Pasta.
    All the production of these bronze drawn Paccheri is carried out in Naples province as PGI Pasta di Gragnano trademark requires.
  • Golden Onion Medicina IGP and Sausage Sauce (200g)
  • Producer: La Dispensa di Amerigo.
    This sauce is made by mixing together indigenous ingredients from Emilia Romagna territory: sausage from the local butchers, 100% Emilian tomato and Medicina's (Bologna) IGP golden onion, with its sweet but intense flavour.
  • Red Plum Extra Jam (250g)
  • Producer: Scyavuru.
    Red plum extra jam is a delicious and versatile jam made with the pulp of the best carefully selected red plums that are processed according to the ancient recipes of the Sicilian tradition.
  • Almond Cantuccini Tuscan Cookies (250g)
  • Producer: Deseo.
    The artisanal cantuccini with almonds represent the most famous dessert of the Tuscan pastry tradition.
  • Dark Chocolate and Coffee Bar(100g)
  • Producer: Cimina.
    Bar of fine dark chocolate enriched with ground coffee beans.
  • Extra Virgin Olive Oil "Cru Muela" (750ml)
  • Producer: Sommariva.
    Cru Muela is a high quality 100% Italian extra virgin olive oil, produced in limited quantities from the best olives cultivar such as Taggiasca, Leccino Colombara and Frantoio, to give a delicate taste.

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