Add an Italian touch to your Easter Feast

The perfect Easter celebration

From joy-filled hampers with all manner of Italian delicacies to extraordinary Colombe, chocolate eggs, and celebratory wines handpicked to bring it all to your table or give to loved ones, you'll find everything you need to celebrate an Easter in Italian style.

Colombe & Pastries

The traditional Easter fluffy Colomba cake and many more pastries are the perfect happy ending to your Easter meals. Can you already smell the fragrance? Your guests will enjoy them.

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Make your Easter egg hunt the most unique and memorable ever with a delightful and yummy Italian Chocolate collection. Your children will be on the hunt for new flavors and emotions to discover.

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Easter Hampers

Your loved ones deserve the right boost to face the arrival of spring. Surprise them by giving an Easter hamper brimming with Italian delicacies and Easter treats. Their holiday will have a higher gear thanks to you.

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Wines & Spirits

Elevate your Easter Celebration with our extraordinary Wine and Spirits selection, all to be savored and perfect to accompany the arrival of the spring season.

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Artisan Colombe, a story of goodness

The artisan Colombe make known and appreciate the authentic richness of Italian Easter.
Capable hands have preserved and handed down a precious heritage of craftsmanship and renew them every day. Have you never tasted an artisanal Colomba?

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