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From Ribollita to Caciucco: Tuscany to table

From Ribollita to Caciucco: Tuscany to table

Cradle of art, culture, Italian language; crossroads of peoples and artistic influences, mother of great civilizations and architectural splendours, protagonist of history, literature, painting, sculpture. And the table.

Tuscany is the heart of Italy, and in its cuisine there is the magnificence of the Italian cuisine: sumptuous meats and plenty of fish, tasty soups and rich first dishes, bread, that is considered nearly sacred and the extra virgin olive oil, lots of vegetables and sweets, wonderful cold meats and wine that here, boasts excellences like Brunello of Montalcino, Classic Chianti, Noble Wine of Montepulciano.


Tuscan Cuisine

Tuscan cuisine is one of the oldest among Italian Regional cuisines. Still today, many of the typical dishes preserve their original recipe. Like almost all the Italian traditional cuisines, even the Tuscan one is characterized by simple preparations, with easy-to-find ingredients and of peasant origin.

Among the most famous recipes there are: tomato soup and ribollita, both of them made with “Pane Sciocco” (bread without salt) that is bread prepared with a dough without salt, lampredotto (often enjoyed in the street….. mostly in Florence!) and the famous pici.



La Bottega del Trippaio

And about authentic and typical recipes of the Tuscan and Florentine tradition who do not know La Bottega del Trippaio? It was also a very pleasant surprise to us!! Especially when we found out how, siblings Franco e Marco Falli, founder of the brand La Bottega del Trippaio, managed to handle the storage of a fresh product like Tripe or Lampredotto, by studying an ad hoc system, that is a sterilized glass jar that would allow the long storage without using the fridge!


With La Bottega del Trippaio we rediscover the dishes of Tuscan and Florentine tradition: from Tripe to Lampredotto in Zimino, from Ribollita to Cheek Stew, here it is a line of local cuisine dishes, starting from selected ingredients.

The gastronomic specialties of La Bottega del Trippaio are made to be preserved over time thanks to the sterilization process but is enough to warm them for a few minutes to bring them on the table enjoying the genuine and authentically Tuscan taste!


Thanks for photo credits to: Il Gallo Giallo, Profumo di Basilico, Blog Toscana, Braciami Ancora, Sfizi e Pasticci
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